August 25, 2009

Corruption, me pag asa pa ba?

“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently”Friedrich Nietzsche

“each candidate behaved well in the hope of being judged worthy of election. However, this system was disastrous when the city had become corrupt. For then it was not the most virtuous but the most powerful who stood for election, and the weak, even if virtuous, were too frightened to run for office.”Niccolo Machiavelli

siguro e sadyang mahirap na matanggal ito lalo na kung na
institutionalize na at sagad na ang nakagawian.

madami sa atin ang aware na nangyayari ito and
madami ang gusto mawala na ito pero, sabi nga
mahirap na.. unang una, it takes two to tango..
kanino ba talaga at saan nagmula ang corruption?

sa leadership ba? pwede siguro but it will need
a whole lot of space to define the reasons.
walang leader to follow to take pride kun baga siguro.

pero going back to it takes two to tango...
sino ba ang involve sa transaction?
there is got to be the giver and the one
asking... example... sa pag kuha ng license,
an applicant in his desire to speed up will ask
pwede ba madali and the one on the counter will
reply gano kadalimo gusto..and alam na natin ang

pag nahuli ka over traffic violation, ano ang hagod
agad? e boss baka pwede nating ayusin...or merong
time na ikaw ang tatanungin ng o ano titikitan bakita?
ikaw din, mag iiskuling kapanito..ano ang kaso?
stepping daw or, lane grabbing...whatever it is.

sa airport, we bring so much in the desire na
ok sa custom dahil alam natin na ok lang..
pag silip sa passport mo e me bumubulong ng
good morning ikaw na ang bahala ....and
dapat alam mo na ito...kungbaga.. e ipit na who is to blame.....ang only question
there is.. me pag asa pa ba?

maybe..i think me time na kahit na sa una lang e
natakot silang gumawa like nung timeni recaredo
sarmiento and general lacson. talagang takot
gumawa and nagign magalang ang mga pulis nun
timen a yun. nung time ni maganto sa MMDA medyo
nabawasan .. nung timen i golez sa post office ,
things moved quickly and natakot ang mga
personell na gumawa ng di dapat.. well siguro kung
talagang gugustuhin and the people will stop
giving incentive for the people in government to do things
e baka me pag asa. and if our leaders will have the insight and wisdom
sa pagpili ng tamang tao hindi dahil sa me padrino kundi sa
me katapatan, honesty and desire to do good as a leader..
mula sa cabinet member hanggang sa mga career
service personnel e baka me pag asa.

i have a friend who was being applied sa isang government office,
malakas ang padrino nya pero hindi naman sya nag aask and
hindi nya sinipot ang appointment na ginawa sa kanya dahil
ayaw nya daw..sabi nya what he hears e kahit na matino ka
e mahirap kainin ng sistema.. to which i said, e kung ako yun
e i will take it and see if kakainin talaga ako ng sistema. and if it does
e di aalis ako..

anyhow, there is no perfect system, siguro corruption is as old as
the oldest hirap ng buhay is
a bait to commit one...

“The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference”
Bess Myerson

August 20, 2009

my kids dancing and singing

my lil boy dancing Sexy Back. he only 8 months old at this video but he love music and singing already.


my daughter 3 years old singing ABC song, sometimes she remember all the song sometimes she 4got LOL!

Another months...another days....

WOW my gwapings prince is 10 months already? That definitely seems like some sort of a landmark age ... Two more months to go til the big day .

Well anyway, Happy 10 months my baby boy. Look at you, we've come a long way since 10 months.

Your bones are much stronger that's why you got a reason why you're pre-occupying yourself so much with standing this past few weeks. You're doing just great but please, if you could try to be more patient with seating beside me during our Joyrides i'd be grateful. You always want to stand right behind me and grabbing my hair--atama itaiyo! bad baby! NONETHELESS, those cute little chubby legs and feet do such a good job while holding your lil body steady. Take it slowly baby..

You're becoming less of a grinny gummy smiling baby because you have a new tooth has emerged just few days ago... Looking forward to see more of that beautiful big smile with those pearly white teeth in the coming weeks, months, or years.

SIGH! You're living healthy for almost a year, and that is something to be celebrated . We did but this month, there was no cake nor sparkling wine for me and your papa lol. We took you to a Matsuri (Japanese Festival) at your grandmother house instead, and there, you obviously did enjoyed watching many people dancing at the park of old and young people. I think you were mainly amazed by the dancing crowds. It was just too bad that I forgot to charge our digicam, so clumsy of me. To think that was your first Matsuri.... We dont have photos but still, we got memories. I dont think you would remember though...

Eversince you came, Life has been more colorful than ever. We made it this far, and we're doing good. We have some imperfect times lately but we're figuring it out together. We couldn't have expected how much we would have this kind of happiness and joy in these last 10 months...

Watching you grow is so much enjoyable and fun — on our way to one year!


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