February 19, 2009

I love u too... papa

Happy Valentine's Day
feb 14, 2009
Clarenz and aimichan
made this Valentine's Day card.
When we got church after finish the Mass
. . . clarenz she was very proud to give it to his father.

There is nothing
better that says
I love you
mama and papa
than a hand made card!

Bath Time - Happy!

Casper 4 months old:)

Baby casper getting a bath time . . . looking at me and to his two sister, aimichan is the one holding the camera ( im teaching her how to shoot the video kya medyo maingay ako hehehe). . . look at how cute his smile is. love the way babies stare straight into your eyes. he likes the bathtub much better than the wash cloth bath. The joy in this video warms my heart.

baby Casper 4 months old

Hello! long time no see (it's been awhile). I'm really sorry If I couldn't update my blog as often as I should be, because Im just too bad with time management. I envy other Mommy bloggers who are much busier than me but still find time to post journals at least 1 to 2 times a week .

As usual, it was a busy week for me & my lilboy that I couldn't find time to post about my baby's 3 months milestones sooner. he just turned 4 months last week, February 7. There are so much things to share since the last time I updated about him.

Our lilboy could really recognize who's who in his life. Sure he smiles at people whoever plays with him, but definitely later looks at us ( feeling assured that we're there, especially his prettymom LOL).

One of the greatest things he learned so far that excites us most, is he can laugh outloud. Im glad I had captured that first laugh just a couple of weeks ago, when he was 3 months old and a weeks. I was the one who first witnessed it. His dad was at work during that time so I took a clip from my digicam so later on he can see the video . While playing with him, he never stopped laughing until he got tired. I was extremely overjoyed and my heart screamed at the same time. It was one of our happiest bonding time together.

he's such an adorable baby. We love it when he placed on his stomach. he's so cute. he could lift his head up with the support of his hands, and lifts up his legs as if he's on a sky dive . Sometimes he's diving with his dad, i mean Tummy Time =). They're so funny.

Our baby has transformed from a dependent newborn to an active, communicative and responsive baby . Giving up my job with a nice salary to become a full time stay at home m0mma (& a wife) is all worth it. I wouldn't want to miss anything special from my kid's.

our baby's some other milestones includes:
  • Stronger kicks
  • Began to finger suck
  • He could easily grasp things even for a short time.
  • He could hold his own bottle when feeding ( with a lil support ).
  • He reach any object he sees.
  • Enjoys tickling... You'll love the way he giggles...
  • He make noises.. Sometimes he would raise his voice when nobody would pay attention.
  • He sleeps more than 7 hours straight at night. Sometimes, 6-hour stretch through the afternoon.
  • Smiles always. Especially when he wakes up in the morning. It's always been a good thing to start a day, i just don't remember when exactly he started doing it, it became already a routine everytime he wakes up in the morning.
  • He stares an object and follows it when it moves. It's funny when he stares my hands when i strating to typing on a keybord and follows to my hand when it moves. his trying to crab the keybord too. . .
  • Becomes curius about the things around him. he looks at almost everything around the room. This time I also let him look at our reflection infront of the mirror, he looked shocked at first, but now he could laugh at his own reflection.
That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed watching the music video I made:)

Clarenz crazy little party girl

i like this video scply the one in 2:10 :) she really love dancing and singing. . .bata palang sya nakitaan ko na siya ng pagka hilig sa pag sayaw at sa singing, cant wait to see her singing at the church:)

February 9, 2009

The things we did / do for our kids

Sometimes parents do silly things just to make their kids / babies sleep, eat, go to school etc. etc. What do / did you do for you kids? Things your friends/relatives do / did are also welcome.I put my baby to sleep by sitting on our chair (yung na ikot na upuan wheeee ano ba tawag dito?!!)while carrying her and ikot lang kami ng ikot ") hanggang parehas kaming hilo na at pati ako inaantok na kasi with matching kanta pa ako Oh gezz!!! nakakaloka kahit hindi pasko SILENT NIGHT ang kinakanta ko ewan ko ba parang nasanay na ako tuwing magpapa tulog ako ng mga chikitting ko ha ha ha.I have a Japanese friend (hanako) who put her daughter to sleep when she was still a baby by taking two steps forward then two steps back (literally) while saying "Mae, mae, mae (MOVE), ushiro, ushiro, ushiro (BACK)".My Chinese friend (veronica) said that when her son had this eating problem they had to watch TV. while watching TV, her son would chew his food. when she turned the TV off, her son would stop and swallow. so, patay sindi ang TV nila during meals, Oh di po ba ang cute ng mag inang ito ha ha ha!!! kayo po?

Card from A Friend

Gaganawati from indodesia now in German and ate ruth from philippine now in Ireland my very dear friend from internet. they are one of my first asian friends in the blog yahoo360-world. Thanks for you Chrismascard and the nice words you wrote. You are a GREAT friende!!!

February 6, 2009

Casper First Vaccination

Feb 3 2009, casper had his first ever vaccination. In Japan, babies between their 3rd & 4th month are required to have a BCG immunization. Then after four weeks, they will have another series of vaccinations. This is what i love in Japan. Children ages 0-6 years old have the priviledge of free check ups and vaccinations. Just this year, the goverment implemented a 100% help for those who are giving birth here in Japan of course, in all areas of japan (I'm talking about hospital bills). Last year, there were just certain areas that give 100% help. In my area, we only recieved like 7 % from our total hospital bills.

Oh well, we went to our local health center. Babies were all over with their mums. It was another great experience for us, sobrang saya namin dahil ng tinitingnan ng doctor ang kalusugan nya maraming ginawa sa kanya. . . like pinadapa siya at tinesting kung malinaw ba eye nya or ang kanyang pandinig, grabe! nakakatuwa tawa sya ng tawa:) first time ko syang narinig na tumawa ng ganoon at sobrang lakas kaya pati yung Doctor at nurse na tutuwa sa kanya at ibang mom's na nakarinig sa kanyang tawa. Nakakainis lang at nakalimutan ko ang digicam ko balak ko pa naman siyang kuhaan ng picture sa kanyang first vaccination. hu hu hu! waaaaaa. . .

Anyhow, just like the other babies, our lil boy cried but Im glad he calmed right after and feel asleep.

I really feel sad coz i forgot my digicam:( i really want to record our baby's first ever vaccination. I'm just a sentimental kind of mom that I want to capture all our baby's FIRTs things. Maybe because I never had my own video clipc when I was a baby. Only a picture i have. Lol! (laughing out loud)

February 5, 2009

Lil bit sick

Clarenz was a little sick. There seems to be a mystery fever sweeping the nation - I know at least a dozen kids across the country that have been down with it! No other symptoms, just a high fever and crabbiness/clinginess. The highest her fever got was 39.2, and that's with Motrin every 4 hours. We did a couple cooling baths and she got lots of drinking water. But then this morning she woke up perfectly well with no fever. So whatever it was, it was short-lived and my wild girl is back.

LOL! (laughing out loud)

Baby sleeping

An angel baby sleeping in the day. . .The most peaceful moment for family members.

with renz, I and baby casper

lots of pics of his sleeping. he's just so cute, and it's hard to NOT want to stare at a sleeping baby for hours (unless you're a sleepy parent!).

I know, all these sleeping baby pics look alike...I'm just excited!


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