August 8, 2013

Love is the whole point

 Love is not just something you keep for your family and friends, it is an outward expression that you are allowed to share openly in everything you do. It is sharing a mutual respect and compassion for this world onto mankind.

Imagine just little things that we do each day that impact the world in a positive way. Things you may not even know that you do, give into this world in a positive way... and that is a beautiful thing :)

Now I know this risks sounding mushy and sappy and well it is not intended that way... my only intention is to remind each of us (myself included) that although the day may be rough.. the road bumpy and the destination far... each day whether we like it or not... we chose to get up, go about our day and at some point in that day we impact the world in a good way. If it is a small service like opening a door for someone, smiling, or even just hitting a deadline... we all have small opportunities to be blessings on to someone.

August 6, 2013

Bubble Face Wash

Bubble face washes are really popular right now.People in Asia are saying regular wash is too harsh but bubbles are really gentle. ^^ It's too bad about the makeup removal though. I hate two step MU/face wash but I do it just to make sure I removed my sunscreen. Such a pain in the behind though lol.


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