July 29, 2009

simple b-day

Niluto kong handa para sa b-day ni mr. simple lang... kasi kami kami lang naman sa bahay ang day ng b-day ni hubby nag celebrate ulit kami with his mother naman kumain kami sa BRONCO BILLY western restaurant, favorite place to eat ni hubby, dyan! kapag kami pumasok wala akong naririnig na negative comments from him,...kasi masyadong urusai (maingay)sa panglasa ang hubby ko.... Kapag ang mga bata at ako ang me b-day si mr ko ang nagluluto halos lahat ng putahe, pero kapag sya ang me b-day ako ang nagluluto para sa kanya! mas hilig kasi ni hubby ang magluto, ako di masyado moody ang pagluluto ko. nyehehe! SILIP nalang kayo! kaun tayo!!!

home made Roll Cake

3 egg (separate)
sugar 75g
flour 60g
cocoa 10g
vanilla essence
soft butter 20g

ihanda ang: mold tray with cooking paper on top.

How to: mix the egg hanggang sa mag foam sya, add sugar 2~3 times wag itigil ang pag mix, ilagay ang 1 yellow egg, patakan ng vanilla essence, then saka ilagay ang flour at i add ang butter. ilagay na sa mold na pinatungan ng cooking paper.

Bake for 35 mints, 160c

note: wag ka haluin kasi baka mag melt sya. kailangan malapad ang mold tray para after mabake ng sponge cake ay madali nyo syang mai roll.

cream 200ml
sugar 40g
vanilla essence

How to: batihing mabuti ang cream at ilagay ang sugar ng 2~3 times saka patakan ng vanilla. set aside.

kapag na bake na po ang sponge cake hiwain sya ng pahaba mga 5 to six slice.then saka nyo po pahiran sa ibabaw ng cream na ginawa nyo.

at kuhain ang isang pice na hiniwa at saka i roll, pag dugtungin nyo lang po ang mga na slice nyong cake para mag porm sya ng big roll size.

depende po kung anong gusto nyong style ng cake.pwede rin pong ganito.

kayo na po ang bahala kung ano ang gusto nyong ilagay sa loob ng roll cake, pwede pong maglagay kayo ng sarisaring fruits or chocolate cream, ect. ito pong b-day cake ni hubby ang anak ko pong 3 years old at 13 years old ang gumawa pinag tulungan po nilang dalawang magkapatid...bale nasa tabi lang nila ako para ituro kung ano-ano ang kanilang gagawin.

July 28, 2009

Pouty Pouty Face

Rarely pouting shots of my lil boy. Actually, whenever I catch him pouting his lips or whatever, his face, he smiles when he sees my camera.

This girl has the most natural pouty lips I swear, even without my hands .. my daughter, Clarenz

July 14, 2009

I Feel Jealous

I wish I could sew. I WISH I could sew. I love all the things people make with sewing machines. They are little magic machines. My sewing machine is a torture device. I start working on something that I think I will be able to handle (Pattern says EASY!) , and I start swearing, huffing, and then eventually crying. Ohhh,(wish ko lang my Lola buhay kapa so you can teach me what to do). She is the best at sewing. I think I got robbed in the sewing genetic department.

got this pic from flickr site

I bought a cute pattern off of one of my favorite places to shop– It is for this adorable two layered twirl skirt. Heck, the website is called YOU CAN MAKE THIS. But I can’t make anything from there. I suck! I get all flipped out about the bias, right side, wrong side, seams, gathering. The pictures they have just confuse me more. I love all the stuff that people make and I don’t want to go running to my friends all the time when I desire something so cute. Cuz, hey, I would want something cute almost every other day, but I spent the ¥ on the pattern and all the materials.

I hope this cute skirt turns out. I’ll have pictures to post, whatever the outcome. Wish me luck!

Getting my BUTT off the computer....

OK. I hate cleaning. I wish I have a cleaning lady. I hate having a messy house. I am one people that hates clutter, but has it…EVERYWHERE! It is like the plague. I just can’t get rid of it!!! I always feel like I’m trying to declutter or reorganize or use my space better, but I still have stuff–it is coming out the walls. I see pictures of some my online friends homes and they are usually in such beautiful order and I find myself jealous.

So I have decided, I need to get my butt of the computer and clean my freaking house and KEEP IT CLEAN–but that is also a full time job because of my kids and husband. They are like little tornadoes that ravage through my home. Even after I clean (three times a week or more), a couple days later, there is stuff back out and everywhere.

Do I just suck it up and realize that I will always be following behind them and cleaning up their messes? How do I teach them to do it themselves? Hmmmm…. I mean, the laundry is enough to choke a person. What is the most responsible way to handle the chaos?

I’m gonna try to do better, but UGH! It is maddness!

What do you do when your child is sick?

sick with a cold, gets fevers and belly aches? everytime my daughter gets sick-feels like the first time..I know how to handle the fever-but would like your tips on anything having to do with colds etc..and why my baby 1yrs n'5 month old keep getting sick? Thanks to anyone who can offer advice.pls i really need advice

I take my kid to the doctor when they may need antibiotics only-not for every sniffle...I'm looking for good ways to take care of her at home..doctors cant cure colds -and you cant overdo the antibiotics.

July 13, 2009

Happy B-day Papa

This wish I have picked for my heart’s only Love,
A garden of happiness and tending from Above.

Happy 29 Birthday,Papa
July 2, 2009

Remember the joy and love that we share and stay in this relationship.

my ordinary weekend


sinundo kami ng mother in-law ko sa place namin then dumerecho kami sa Ozo para magwindowshopping or magshopping nakzz pumunta lang Ozon para magshopping sa PC.NET! we went to Ozon, kumain dinner, naglakad kung saan saang street..
bumili in-law ko ng laptop. then, kumain kami sa tabehodai everytime na lalabas na kami ng restaurant alam na namin ang Dialog ng Mr ko ( ayaw ko na talagang bumalik sa restaurant na yan ANG MAHAL HINDI MASARAP) pero wag ka kapag nasa parking na kami sya na ang nauunang umakyat sa hagdanan. nyehehe!

remember ko kumain kami dati sa restaurant na iyon then sa ka rereklamo ng mr ko halos 1 week ata syang nag LMB. nyehehehe!

sinasamahan namin lately ang in-law ko para mag deliver ng mga orders sa kanya. after non hinatid na nya ulit kami sa bahay.


sinundo ulit kami para sumimba ADVENTIST kasi sila kaya medyo magtataka kayo bakit every Saturday ang simba namin. dun narin kami sa simbahan nakain ng lunch kasi meron silang pakain after ng mass. then uwian na naman po...time to gala na naman kung saan-saan ang punta namin deliver ulit ng order kain sa labas...kaya sa totoo lang kapag dumarating ang friday sira ang diet ko. kasi kapag nasa labas kami walang ginawa kundi kumain nyehe!


pagka gising palang sa umaga isip na agad kami ng mr ko kung anong maiibento namin luto or bagong recipe... (sino kaya ang hindi tataba nito panay pagkain ang usapan)then, maglalakad sa baba ng danchi punta sa koen, at sa malapit na Mc. DO and Buskin and Robins hehehe favorite place ng mga anak ko yang dalawang yan.

NOW! you tell me! me pag asa pa kaya akong pumayat...

9 months and still counting

Wow, time sure does fly. It really does seems like just yesterday that we were bringing our baby home from the hospital in Monday afternoon, 10 mins drive.

Happy 9 months Casper...

I'm still thinking if I would let him taste his own cake for the first time or wait til he gets 1

Casper with family and friends....

I’m getting used to this mommy thingie more and more each month. Watching my baby grow continues to be enjoyable and fun —--- on our way to one year!

Family N` Friend Outdoor Trip

My Babe`s First Outdoor Trip

Hello dearies, it's been awhile again (as always). we'll surely gonna miss this trip especially me, tagal me hindi naka gala LOL!. We have this special bond kasi eh ..

Oh well I just wanna share a pictures (again) of our outdoor trip with our loveones here in Japan last (april 24,2009). This time, I produced it with I love it, music title Loving You by Na` Shay.

It was a real 1-day-fun trip not only because we were with our loveones, but also the places we've been were so incredibly satisfying... the accomodation, services, food, ambiences, and the weather (although medyo biglang kumilimlim ng konti...) So glad our baby didn't gave us a hard time especially during the long drive... cooperative and naki-enjoy talaga sya from the start he just slept and play naman while awake.. Good Boy!

This was his first ever nature outdoor trip


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