January 30, 2011

Ling's Design Studio GIVEAWAY

This is the giveaway given by Vera Yates. She is an Indonesian and lives in America.
She has gorgeous creations in her blog.

Thanks for letting your visitors celebrate with you. Keep up the fantastic work ^0^

These are the papers she is going to give to the luckiest person.

Congratulations, Vera, for having 200 followers.
All the best for all of us for the chance to win the papers..

January 21, 2011

Omg! (so excited)

my order just arrive and they're so dang cute!

I received my paper pad, scrapbooking kits ect, today! yehawww ^0^ LOVE THEM!!! They are so beautiful and will work great in my scrapbook I'm making for my kids.

Sorry lol, i'm really excited and wanted to share with someone X'D
By the way, no one has to reply or anythin, i just felt like sharing ^^;;

January 10, 2011

Sweet Colors

my new finish project ^0^ pls take a look and live some comment :) thank you

for new baby born :)

love it

thank you

new boy

sweet baby girl

home sweet home

friends like a flower

January 5, 2011

Jan 5, 2011 Happy B-Day Clarenz

I made this card for my daughter 5th b-day. ^o^ God Bless on your special day baby Clarenz we love you so much!

Holiday Cards

2010 December


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