September 15, 2013

Dry Body Brushing

I dry brush for about 5-7 minutes everyday before I hop into the shower. Dry brushing will help improve your skin from breakouts, and help protect your body from toxins. Another benefit is it improves your circulation in your lymphatic system! You will notice a huge difference with your skin if you make dry brushing a part of your daily routine! It will tighten and firm your skin, reducing cellulite and improve the softness of your skin! What can be better than that?

What Kind Of Brush Needed

You need to get a brush that has natural bristles. Do not buy the synthetic brushes because it can scratch your skin! Ouch! I love using the brushes that have a long handle and that can simply be detached. The longer handle is amazing for those hard to reach areas and the detachable brush can be used for your arms, chest, stomach and legs. You can buy these brushes almost anywhere just make sure they are natural!

Where To Brush

Some people think that dry brushing is only for the legs, but honestly dry brushing everywhere is the best thing for your skin. I dry brush every part of my body, my back, stomach, legs, feet, arms, and chest, even my little booty. My skin has never looked and felt better! Just make sure not to dry brush over scratches or opened wounds.

How To Properly Dry Brush

When I dry brush, I simply brush towards my heart in a circular motion. I start with brushing my feet and work my way up towards my chest. Just make sure that you are brushing towards your heart. When I first started brushing my skin was a little red, so when you first start out, gently brush your skin until it can handle more pressure.  Note to self: Dry brush on dry skin ONLY!

How Often You Should Wash Your Brush

I wash my brush about two times a week with shampoo, and I make sure to rinse it out very well! Hang it somewhere where it can dry completely and you have yourself a clean brush!

Try to make dry brushing a part of your daily routine! There are so many amazing benefits, so why not try it! Because I know you will end up loving it, but most of all you will love the results of your skin!


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