February 6, 2009

Casper First Vaccination

Feb 3 2009, casper had his first ever vaccination. In Japan, babies between their 3rd & 4th month are required to have a BCG immunization. Then after four weeks, they will have another series of vaccinations. This is what i love in Japan. Children ages 0-6 years old have the priviledge of free check ups and vaccinations. Just this year, the goverment implemented a 100% help for those who are giving birth here in Japan of course, in all areas of japan (I'm talking about hospital bills). Last year, there were just certain areas that give 100% help. In my area, we only recieved like 7 % from our total hospital bills.

Oh well, we went to our local health center. Babies were all over with their mums. It was another great experience for us, sobrang saya namin dahil ng tinitingnan ng doctor ang kalusugan nya maraming ginawa sa kanya. . . like pinadapa siya at tinesting kung malinaw ba eye nya or ang kanyang pandinig, grabe! nakakatuwa tawa sya ng tawa:) first time ko syang narinig na tumawa ng ganoon at sobrang lakas kaya pati yung Doctor at nurse na tutuwa sa kanya at ibang mom's na nakarinig sa kanyang tawa. Nakakainis lang at nakalimutan ko ang digicam ko balak ko pa naman siyang kuhaan ng picture sa kanyang first vaccination. hu hu hu! waaaaaa. . .

Anyhow, just like the other babies, our lil boy cried but Im glad he calmed right after and feel asleep.

I really feel sad coz i forgot my digicam:( i really want to record our baby's first ever vaccination. I'm just a sentimental kind of mom that I want to capture all our baby's FIRTs things. Maybe because I never had my own video clipc when I was a baby. Only a picture i have. Lol! (laughing out loud)



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