July 11, 2013


Happy Mama!!!  Im so blessed to  have a wonderful kids. Thank you God for giving me so many kids hahaha. Its ok i can handle them naman   😊 even they are so super makulit 😉😄😊😊 kaya ko toh! Hehehe kaya natin toh pala 😁  With the help of my husband and my eldest daughter. Thanks you for supporting me kahit akoy super sungit sa inyo pagpasensyahan nyo nalang ang kasungitan ni  mama. Kahit ano request nyo na ipa bake ok no problem basta tulong tulong tayo sa gawaing bahay kasi dumarami na tayo but off course importante sa lahat ay masaya tayong pamilya. Walang perpektong pamilya nandyan ang sungitan, sumpungan, away, tawanan, iyakan, tulungan ect ect...pero kung malapit tayo kay Lord di nya tayo pababayaan sa lahat ng pangangailangan natin. 

Tandaan nyo!

 "Kung sa Panginoon laging titingin,
Ang pag-asa nati'y magniningning,
Kung mga problema ang papansinin,
Takot ang siyang mananaig sa atin."

Ok! I wanna say I blessed  talaga... I am thankful for my husband because:

My husband has stayed with us, no matter what.

He makes me and my children laugh.

He is willing to work to provide for us.

He has never learned the art of lying. ( nahuli ko na sya once n' sana wag na maulit) 😝😊😉

He loves to gives hugs to us all.

He has taught me many things.

He listens to me.

He enjoys my cooking.

He support me sa mga pangangailangan ko sa aking hobby like scrapbooking and baking 😊😍

He chose me to be his wife. 

I am thankful for my kids too: 

Reasons Why I Am Thankful for Being a Mom

I am thankful for being a mom of the sweetest little thing I ever had: My Kids! Yes!!!

… for kissing my flaws thinking that I am perfect;
… for needing my arms as she lays to sleep;
… for laughing while she’s crying as I transform into a tickle monster or make some silly jokes;
… for being happy with little things we share;
… for testing the level of my sanity when her endless tantrum begins;
… for reminding me that the daily routines we do together are actually different, and each day I learn from it;
… for training my resistance to patience;
…for teaching me not to be embarrassed when she does something awful in the middle of the crowd because I am a mom and willing to do the right way in the midst of it all;
… for asking me to hug her, which actually means carry her even if she is almost half my weight – because this made me realize as a sweet alternative to dumbbell exercise;
… for helping me dig through my creativity;
… for helping me define unconditional love;
… for totally transforming my life and my heart’s desires that helped me understand why my mother cried on my wedding day (I’ll tell you why someday).

And I won’t forget my husband. I thank you for everything!  




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