January 12, 2009

6 days to go. . .

Our baby Casper will turned 2 months on Dec 7…Of course, my family will celebrate it.

Good thing about working or tumira sa ibang bansa is you learn, practice and enjoy two different culture. In Japan, they usually bring their baby to a Shinto shrine on the 31 st day after the birth a baby boy, and 32nd day for a baby girl for introduction and first contact with the gods. A shinto priest performs this ceremony to ward off evil and give blessings of good health. A baby is dressed in kimono or a white gown. Our baby wore a white gown i bought here online shopping hihihi…

However, We planning to have his Christening here in Japan this month na!… (sana matuloy). I’m excited na!. I’ll see to it that all our Pilipino friends in church will be present on that day. It would also be his first time to meet his grandmother and unti Hazel my (husband family). It would be fun for sure, kids will be all over inside the church again, like when i was still a kid,this time,it’s his generation.

It’s been almost 2 months since i gave birth to Casper, and yet i still get teary eyed whenever i think about the day i was admitted to the hospital until the day he was born. It definitely the hardest and sweetest pain i have ever experience, the most unforgettable memorable moment of our life. Now, i really do believe in miracle, it was an unimaginable scene.

I cannot blog further the things happened during that time FOR NOW i’m starting to get emotional again…

Right now, my baby is sleeping, my husband at work, my eldest in the school and my lilgirl bunso etoh watching her favorite Japanese cartoons. I’m just thankful that my husband is very supportive and responsible. We getting big family now and i will do my best to be a good mom and a wife.

I’ll share more next time when i have a chance, coz you know, im a all hands mom. I would like to thanks everybody, my gurl friends, friends, loveones my family and even my online friends, my blogsmates.

Thanks for your warm messages for me and my baby Casper.

mareee!!! angelica v. your next to me na!!! hihi…i know excited ka narin spcly first time mong magka baby. Goodluck to you at sa baby mo. Balitaan nalang tayo.

Salamat sa pag welcome.I’m so touched….



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