January 12, 2009

Casper 3 Months Old

Jan 7, 2009
Casper 3 Months Old " HAPPY 3 MONTH OLD baby Casper " grabe super daldal na sya nakakatuwa sya if i talking to him and sinasagot nya ako ng WOOO HOOO HUUU sound he understand me, with a cute smile pa. I wish always like this baby para laging masaya si (mama)

I have so much things to share about our growing Casper but it will just take to much time for me to type. This year, I'll try to update every 3 days or week, even just share some clips or photos.

Before, I couldn't imagine my life with a 3 kid, until we have another one baby hahaha. I had so much dreams for myself. And now I can't imagine my life without my kids. My dreams are not only for myself, but for my family as well. My hubby felt the same way. . .

Oh well, I compiled all the clips I took I made a music video blog.

By the way, I found a new interst which I think will take more of my idle time aside from surfing, uploading pics, downloading music, editing video, updating profile and blogs, ect. . . DIGITAL SCRAPPING. Im still learning and researching about it though but Im excited to do my self digi scrap for my kids. ( am i obsess already?. . .) i try ko na ayusin ang blogs ko para makita nyo rin ang mga photos and video na ginawa ko.

Casper not feeling well. . . . wawaa naman ang baby kow. . . .

Our baby has colds and cough since yesterday .I'm so worried and I pity, everytime he coughs. But Casper is strong, he still can smile and laugh, as if he's ok The only thing he hates is whenever I clean his nose. Im glad thre's a such thing as nose vacuum and cotton buds for baby here, really helps his breath normally.

I'll be more careful now, especially during winter. We went out kasi last New Year,nilamig siya siguro.
Iba talaga feeling ko kapag nagkakasakit ang mga anak ko nag papanict na ako, konting sakit lang, di na mapakali...I tend to forget he's sick whenever he smiles, pero back to being worried naman when he coughs.

It's always better to bring your baby to a Pedia right away before something becomes worse.



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