January 12, 2009

Casper 2 Months Old

Our baby is developing so fast. He's already two months old since December 7.

He can now sleep through the night although sometimes he wakes up when he's hungry but fells asleep after 5-10 mins of feeding. There are times when he just want to suck my breast for comfort or security I guess then falls asleep right away. He has his own style of sucking and that makes us laugh sometimes.

He makes us pretty tires sometimes, with all that crying, changing diaphers, feeding ect, because baby has bio rythms too, but you know, when you see that little gummy grin makes it all worthwhile. I was the one saw his first smile, it was when I was so tired from cleaning the house then he waked up crying maybe because of bad dream, then when he calmed down, he stared at me and suddenly showed that real real real smile... god, I was so happy and got excited. Since then, he smile back to us when we look at him... Sometimes it's his smile that I can see first when i wake up in the morning, and his papa when he comes home from his work, our bonding time before I make breakfast or brucnh. He really makes our day.

He makes sounds when we talk to him. He can now call our attention when we're doing our thing by that "ahhhhhs,". Sometimes he wakes me up in the morning with his noise... a very good thing to start a wonderful day.

He kicks and waves his hands when he's happy even when he's just alone in the bed staring those stuff toys.

He's now poopooing regularly, sometimes twice a day. We've discovered a techique for that We know when he's finished because he makes noise afterwards.

He's becoming heavier. sakit na nga ng balikat ko when I carry him, but I don't care, I love cuddling him especially when he's in the mood.

He's so kawaii... (cute)

(wala pa akong ma i share na new pictures ng baby ko kasi na sira ang digicam ko...kakainis talaga, wait pa ako the next sahod ng husband ko)



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