January 12, 2009

FuN iN tHe sUmMerTimE (Augost, 2007)

See the smile a-waiting in the kitchen Food cooking and the plates for two Feel the arms that reach out to hold me In the evening when the day is through Summer breeze makes me feel fine Blowing through the jasmine in my mind

Don't we all have fond memories of summer vacations spent playing in the backyard or in the street, without having to worry about rain or homework, and only going back inside the house when our mother or yaya calls out that dinner is ready? Summer is truly the happiest time for kids. School's out, the sun is shining and the possibilities for fun and magic are endless! This month we'll write about our special moments with our kids during the summer of 2007.

It wasn't the typical summer activities, no beach nor white sand. Although it was originally part of the plan, I didn't get to bring Clarenz to any beaches and let her play under the sun and get messy with the sand but her summer adventures were sure fun!

Augost was supposed to be the time for us to enjoy the beach, we were booked at Gifu-Ken Shirakawa but then hubby had to cancel it for another trip. He surprised me with a Nagashima Spaland trip in Mie-Ken and even if I was so excited to explore Shirakawa and enjoy the water again (I haven't been to a beach since I gave birth), I erased the idea of sun bathing and replaced it with trip to parks and my favorite-shopping!

A lot of first time's for Clarenz here- first time to ride the Train(not plane hehehe) going to Mie-Ken Province, first time to go out of the City(not country lol), first time to go to amusment park, first time to ride the big marry go round, first time to ride a Ballons , first time to visit different malls and restaurants on a daily basis (hehe) and first time to eat ice cream for four days straight. Isn't that a great treat for an ice cream lover like her.

After summer vacation HA HA HA !!! (sorry i sleepy already next time i tell u guyz what happend in Nagashima Spaland) bitin po ba sowiiii!

Me and my hubby back to work and kids back to summer school day.Clarenz on her first day, she was very hesitant to join the activities and follow her Teacher, all she wanted was to play on her own and explore the place. She showed a lot of improvements, meaning, she's cooperating and enjoying her class although there were still some running and playing along with it. One thing I observed about her is that I think she's going to be a patient child coz whenever they are asked to perform an activity, some of it they had to take turns and when it wasn't her turn yet, my little girl would patiently wait & talks to herself saying "wait ti teyn okay?" (wait for your turn okay?). She also knows how to share toys even if other kids would grab it from her hand she'd let it go of it in an instant. That's my girl and that's how we spent our summer!



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